Digital Nomad

How to become a Digital Nomad

Definition of a Digital Nomad

A Digital Nomad is a person who works remotely, using their expertise to provide service to people and businesses. This is usually a lifestyle choice as Digital Nomads are adventurous, enjoy travel and cannot stay in one place for too long. So what they do is they develop skills in areas which do not require their physical presence to complete a task.

Job skills which do not require a person’s physical presence are usually online based jobs which can be briefed over internet communications. So as long as there is an internet connection, the job can be executed properly.

Certain types of skills which can be performed remotely are: Copywriting, Design, Software Development, Marketing, Social Media, Consulting, Coaching and many others.

The Digital Nomad term was coined to fit people who work while traveling abroad, but their jobs are primarily Freelancing and Contractor roles.

This kind of work involves invoicing clients on their billable hours for the skills and knowledge that businesses may need but more on a contract basis. So the aim for a Digital Nomad is to accrue a wide portfolio of clients to maintain a consistent income to fund their free-spirited lifestyle.

To be successful as a Digital Nomad

  1. To succeed as a Digital Nomad, individuals would have to gain valuable knowledge and become experts in the area of service which they wish to provide.
  2. They would need to build a loyal client base (in a given remote skill) to have a consistent source of income.
  3. Following this, you will need to maintain your current client base and also continue to take on new clients to continue a healthy income source.
  4. A Passive Income is another solution to becoming a Digital Nomad. For example, stock trading and investments, an online business selling e-Books, Stock Photography or other information products.
  5. Create multiple streams of income. To create multiple streams of income, you can build an online e-Commerce store (and sell physical products through Drop Shipping) or build and grow an online blog, vlog or social media accounts (within a niche market) for Influencer Marketing.
  6. To be living abroad and traveling, there is a necessity to reduce living expenses, which can be done by cutting down living standards. For example, instead of staying in a 5 star hotel, you can make the decision to downgrade to something much more affordable, such as a hostel.
  7. VERY IMPORTANT POINT. Clear all debt! You need to make sure you have cleared all your debts, as it is very difficult to achieve balance as a digital nomad if you’re traveling with debt, it creates too much pressure and stress.

Being a Digital Nomad is a dream for many, but it requires the legwork to develop the skills to be in such a position. Are you ready for the challenge? Because if you are, you’re in for a wild ride, but it will definitely be worth it in the end.

Watch this space as I will provide you with online softwares, platforms and methods which may assist you on your journey.

It may seem unreachable but with innovation and entrepreneurship, there is a chance to make it work. As long as it is something you truly want, you will be able to reach where you aim to be.

You need to be committed, persistent and resilient to constantly try new ideas, learn new skills and being ruthlessly ambitious to make your dreams work for you.


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