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5 Simple Tips to Increase Engagement and Organically Grow Your Instagram Account for FREE

As an Entrepreneur or Small Business owner, you will most likely have a tight marketing budget. Sometimes you may not even have a budget for any marketing.

So what most people do is turn to Social Media.

In this write-up, I will speak to you about Techniques to Grow Your Instagram Account Organically (for FREE).

At this point, I will assume that you already have a business and you have created your social media accounts for your business.

Now let’s begin:

Tip #1 Post Good Relatable Content

For example, if you are a company that sells Hip Hop fashion apparel. I know that you will be posting content which consists of your products. Model editorial shoots, Models wearing your clothing, Pictures of your Physical store (if it exists, of course) etc.

Just know that not all 100% of your content has to be your own.

You can also have User-Generated Content, by asking every day people to post pictures or videos of themselves using your product.

This is usually achieved with a social media campaign. So you hold an online competition and you may award the most creative post to win some sort of prize.

You can then use the content created by everyone entering the competition as part of your content strategy (make sure you give credits to the content that you’re posting).

If you would like to go to the next level with this, you can offer special offers for influencers to use your product and promote it in their own creative way. Now that they have created content, you can use this content by Reposting it on your Instagram feed.

I would say only 50% or less of the content would have to be created by you.

Other things you can post up (which are not the product itself but is related to your brand) may be inspirational or motivational quotes. For example, If you are a brand that sells luxury watches for men, you could find an entrepreneurial type quote. Say… “People overestimate what they can do in a year but underestimate what they can do in 10.” Something like that, you get my drift.

Your content is based on your brand strategy, your brand strategy is the direction you’re taking your brand towards. As in where the focus of your brand lies and what your brand is all about. As mentioned in my post ‘Steps to Developing Your Brand,’ when you have a solid foundation of your brand, you can understand how to market it better and to the right audience.

Ok. Now that your Instagram is looking good and you have got your content organised. Let’s move on to the next tip.

Tip #2 Post Regularly

When I say post regularly, I would recommend at least once a day. I believe it is important to keep your followers interested, but again I will emphasise that when you do post, post quality content.

As good as your strategy may be, if your content is not exciting or engaging, it is probably better not to post as frequently and to only post when you have quality content, but in saying so, Don’t Be Lazy! 😛 Try to keep it within the weekly basis, otherwise it can risk you losing rapport with your followers.

Tip #3 Relevant Hashtags

This is a HUGE tip. On Instagram, hashtags are very important, but only if they are relevant to the content that you are posting. For example, if you’re a Life Coach, when you post a picture or video on Instagram, relevant hashtags which would be beneficial to you are #LifeCoach #Motivation #Inspiration #Mindful #Grateful and so on.

If you are a local based business, you can also use location hashtags. For example #NewYork #Manhattan #BrooklynBridge #GrandCentralStation etc.

If you are a Yoga studio, you could use hashtags such as #Yoga #Zen #Mindful #Mindfulness #Meditation and many more.

Relevant hashtags are great for engagement such as getting more organic likes on your post.

More likes on your posts will bump up its rankings to be on the ‘Explore’ page. That is how you go viral. There is another method to that which I will speak about in a future post.

Tip #4 Engage with your Instagram Community

I am not talking about the people who already follow you. It’s a given for you to engage with them and respond to comments which they may have written on your posts.

I am referring to going to your relevant list of hashtags and explore other people who may have shared posts with the same relevant hashtags.

This part definitely will take a bit of extra work from your end, but it is worth it. Comment on other people’s content and invite them to visit your Instagram page or even ask them to follow you.

Calls to action make a huge difference on the internet world. If you don’t ask someone to do something, they most likely won’t. So inviting and offering people to take action will nudge them in the direction to do as you have asked.

Tip #5 Follow People who are likely to be a Potential Customer or Fan

So a way to reach more potential customers on the social media space, you have to know what kind of customers you may be looking for.

If you are looking for customers from Melbourne, Australia, you will follow people who have put up posts based in Melbourne. An example is by searching their location ‘Melbourne, Victoria, Australia‘ or by searching the hashtag #Melbourne, then following the people who have put up posts under those searches.

This is actually quite crucial and this is where you will find the most organic followers. Not only will you find followers, but usually these people will engage in your posts as well.

So here were the 5 Tips to Increasing Engagement and Growing Your Instagram Account Organically and it won’t cost you a single cent! Winning.

In future posts, I will write about Social Media Growth Hacks that will Grow your Instagram accounts FAST. Though with the Growth Hack strategy, it requires a bit of a budget, but still very affordable for an Entrepreneur or Small Business owner. Stay tuned for more.

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