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7 Reasons Why Personal Development is So Important For Your Success

As an Entrepreneur there will be times (…many times!) that you will get caught in challenges and obstacles which may obstruct your way. Speak to any Entrepreneur, they will definitely tell you that they have faced many struggles when it comes to their business. Either financially or emotionally. If they tell you it was just smooth sailing for them, they either were one of the very few ‘lucky’ ones, or they’re seriously just lying to you. 😛

So what do I mean by Personal Development? Personal Development comes down to the skills which we gradually accumulate over time on our Personal and Professional journey.

Let’s refer to some examples.

Tony Robbins is the perfect example for Personal Development. Personal Development is basically his middle name. Tony teaches people how to manage their mindset through all life events. From personal traumas, emotional set backs and career development.

It all comes down to the same thing. The best way to describe this is that ‘Our perception is what creates our reality.’ So understanding how to manage our mindset is crucial for success, as we can train our minds to remove any of our own beliefs that limit us towards our success. We can learn to train our minds to believe in ourselves and our own capabilities. We can also train our minds to think more positively.

It is important to have a good mindset because you are very likely to face challenges as an entrepreneur and it would be highly useful to be able to manage through all situations with grace.

Here are 7 reasons why Personal Development is so important for your Success:

1.Overcome Challenges

So as mentioned above, overcoming challenges becomes a lot easier when you have primed yourself with a better and healthier mindset. (I will go into details about ‘The Secrets to Priming Your Mind for Success’ in a future post)

2. Remove Your Own Limitations To Your Success

To briefly describe this, I will say that when we are born, we all experience different things from our upbringing and life events which may have influenced our values and belief systems. These beliefs could potentially be holding us back from our own success because we possibly may have a negative association with whatever it is that we would like to achieve.

Whether we unconsciously are afraid of failure or do not have a good relationship with money. An example for someone having a bad relationship with money could be that their parents may have told them their whole lives that “money is the root of all evil.”

So mindset training would be important to remove these uncontrolled thought patterns that may be blocking you from moving forward with your brilliant ideas.

3. Live in Gratitude

Gratitude is known to put us in a positive mindset. It has been scientifically proven that our minds cannot hold conflicting beliefs. So being grateful for the things that you have, automatically places you in a better mindset.

4. Upskill

Upskilling is VERY important as an Entrepreneur. We live in a progressive and dynamic world, where technology is constantly advancing. Due to the rapid change and improvement in technology, this has resulted in changes within the way we live our everyday lives. So keeping up with the times and updating our knowledge regularly is a necessity.

Also, if you look at the most successful people in the world, these people are always constantly learning new things. They are always challenging themselves to grow. I find the result of this also adds confidence, as each time you achieve something you never imagined that you would be able to do. It reminds you of how capable you truly are.

5. Resilience

Resilience comes hand-in-hand when it comes down to Personal Development. As you continue along your journey, you will face obstacles and hard times. You then learn to manage through these situations in the best possible manner–from your level of maturity and knowledge you possess. So the more challenges which you overcome, the more resilient you become to challenges.

6. Inspiration

Personal development in regards to mindset training and management, when you understand how to manage through your thoughts and thought processes, you will realise that you can access the power of inspiration.

A great example of a successful entrepreneur who understands this power is Bill Gates.

Did you know that every so often, Bill Gates, will take a ‘Think Week’ to find inspiration on new ways to scale up and bring innovation into Microsoft. What he does is that he takes an entire week off, away from any means of communication and finds a quiet place to think and write down his thoughts and ideas.

7. A Positive Mind = A Positive Life

Last but not least, regardless of whether you are an Entrepreneur or an Employee. Personal development is beneficial for everyone. When you are able to practice being in a Positive Mindset, it makes your life much more pleasant, as the way we view the world is dependent on our perspective of the world.

At the end of the day, as Entrepreneurs, Digital Nomads or Freelancers, we want to make an impact on the world with whatever we may be working on, but simultaneously, we also want to enjoy our lives!

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