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Free SEO Analytics Tool that all Digital Marketers and Entrepreneurs Should Know About

So either you’re a Digital Marketer, SEO expert or Entrepreneur, a great Free SEO Analytics Tool you should know about is

If you are on a budget and you don’t want to spend on an analytics software such as SEMRush or Alexa Traffic Rank. This is a great alternative to get you started on your SEO for your business.

This tool provides insights on the Ranking of your website in Search Engines. It is also a great too to analyse your competitors on how well they Rank in the World.

As you can see in the image above, I just put in Instagram as an example and it shows the Global Rank at 5 and the Country Rank and Category Rank. So obviously Instagram is doing exceptionally well, which we all know 😉

Also they have a useful Free Chrome Extension to make it easier for you to analyse other websites and apps without needing to go to the actual URL every time you would like to make an analysis. It’s pretty neat hey!

It also shows you general information about the brand or business, such as: year founded, headquarters, estimated employees and related mobile apps.

As you follow the prompts to add the search bar into your Google Chrome, just follow the prompts, its quite simple.

So as you see above, this is what you will see after you have integrated SimilarWeb’s Free Google Chrome Extension.

As you scroll down in the analysis of the website you have put in you will see the ‘Traffic Overview.’ It’s actually really cool and I’m excited to share this with you. It basically shows ‘Total Visits Per Month‘ and the ‘Bounce Rate,’ so pretty much how long a person stays on the website for.

How cool is that? So Instagram averages 3.15 Billion visits a month! Crazy right?

Also there is a ‘Compare‘ and ‘Download PDF‘ function, but that is only available for paid users. Aside from that, the free functions are very useful for you to get started.

As you keep scrolling down, next you will see is ‘Traffic By Countries,’ So it basically breaks down where all the traffic comes from.

It then shows you the ‘Traffic Sources‘ in a graph, providing the percentages of where the traffic has come from and it also shows you the high ranking ‘Referral Websites.’

This is useful for SEO for your business, as if you are analysing your competitors, you can see where they may be placing ads and where their paid advertising has been most effective. This way you can use this information to make calculated decisions on where to place your online Ads.

Next, it shows you the main Keywords for their traffic. This function is great for bidding on Google Adwords. To know where your competitor’s Ad spend is.

As you continue, it will show you the statistics of their Social traffic, the Top Display Ads, Demographics and Competitors.

Overall, this platform offers an in depth analysis of where you may be ranked and your competitors. The upside it that it is completely Free! When you work your way around this platform, you can understand your brand and your competitors, which can be very useful to implement in your next Online Marketing Strategy.

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